Today’s thought

tuneinTake your time to see what is needed to be done for the day.

It is alright being a little late or  so ..for being at sometime late to finish off your day-  It’s not about doing what u need to do or doing all u can do or doing nothing. Being aware of your time or the time of day is simply the essence of yourself; your soul journey; your soul awakening, & your soul advancement.

I think of the soul such as earth’s spirit and of  the spirit as Holy Spirit; God/Jesus’s Gift . His Gift is to keep us at close @ bay with Him, guiding us with the Holy Spirit to our life journey on earth to Heaven where God awaits for us to come Home and to be with Him @ forever in Spirit.

Anyway, I realize about various things over many years which i was caught up with my life. They were generally about myself being at the point when I wasn’t fully aware of myself as a human being and as  a spiritual being. .As the years had passed by, i became more aware of myself  where I  had often been recognizing on my everyday situations and on my personal relationships. Coindentially,i learned @ much more about God!

The way I see about life in general is what fascinates me. Life is simply our journey in Spirit. I see this world, our earth as the home for us;  the testing ground for our soul/spirit to awaken and advance to God.

Today, i had a plan to complete and thought about doing the other things to get them done too. I looked at my today’s thought as if it may not be necessary; I kept myself going ahead on the plan to begin with.. When I was done with it, i realized, at given time, the other things to do on my mind became @ trivial which it seems to be erased. I sensed at this point that it is the right decision for me not to worry abt other things. I also sensed that it isn’t me arriving at this point as to where  I have had been going with the Guidance of Holy Spirit. This Guidance has led me to  discern on many things throughout my everyday life. My discernment in general has improved over several years since when I became more aware of myself, often noticing on the ongoing experience of my life @ every single day..

Up to now & then, I have become more focused on various things which I see something more about them & better in clarity ~ their purpose showing me on what they are in for me. As I see the events and people unfolding themselves on the road ahead of me and preparing for my actions and reactions towards to them, I recognize more about myself and abt them as if we are together as a  part of  my life lessons~ the plan to improvise on myself; not as a human being, but as a spiritual being.. Such as driving and thinking about whether I need to get some things done for today-

                                                                  Faithfully ~ Journey                                                                                


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